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Let us Search for
your Dream Home

Property search agency, Poole

The service I provide is extensive and personal to you and your needs. My extremely comprehensive database covers a wide range of houses and apartments, particularly those that will never reach or are not yet on the open market, as well as the most prestigious properties selected from estate agents and other sources.


I find, assess and negotiate the purchase of choice properties at all price levels, for clients with varying requirements, many of them local, who appreciate that many of the best houses and opportunities never reach the open market.


My secret weapon is my inside knowledge. Having lived and worked in the BH13/14 area for over 20 years, I am very well connected. My relationship with local estate agents, homeowners and other professionals in the top end of the market means I get to know of very private, off-market forthcoming sales. I open doors thanks to my extensive network of contacts.

Initial consultation

I discuss your buying criteria to form a clear picture of your ideal requirements and where you are flexible. I explain trends in the current market and recommend that we drive around the area to identify your style preferences, ideal location and discuss the local trends and transactions. I offer this as a complimentary service ahead of engagement.

"Some of the best money we ever invested was done paying Pippa’s success only fee. She is worth more than her weight in gold and is as far from the stereotype of an estate agent as you will find"

Finding your home

The Poole market is full of housing gems and investment opportunities as well as pitfalls for the unwary. Our skill is in understanding the complexities of this very local market.


I visit, appraise and then shortlist both available properties and those soon to enter the market, using my extensive private contacts and market intelligence. I accompany you to visit as many of the properties as you wish, taking perhaps a few hours, and seldom more than a day. Because my preliminary work is so thorough, this final stage is the only extended time you have to dedicate personally to the process. Many clients, particularly those based abroad or outside of the area, find this aspect of my service especially welcome.


If the initial selection isn’t right, I search again, and I keep on searching until you are satisfied. I will continue this process for six months from being engaged.

Selection, negotiation & completion

Once a property is selected, I negotiate on your behalf to secure the best price. After your offer is accepted, I oversee the entire transaction by dealing with the vendor or their representatives. I can also liaise with your own legal and financial advisors. If you encounter any hiccups with the purchase or have problems with the survey, I’m able to draw on my experience and various local contacts to regain specialist reports, mediate with all parties and resolve the issues. My expertise in dealing with a range of property and financial professionals together with potentially complex legal issues, ensures that the sale is concluded to your best advantage.


If you are relying on the sale of your current property, I liaise with everyone involved to ensure a simultaneous exchange of contracts. I won’t stop working until the day you move in.

Why choose a local buying agent?

I have a deep understanding of the local area: whether it’s the best schools and catchments, nearby dentists and doctors, places to wine and dine, cut throughs and local hidden springs, down to where the sun sets on your specific home! Just think of me as your very own Kirsty Allsop. I am successful because I’m trusted, knowledgeable, tenacious, pro-active and realistic.


If instructed, I will work tirelessly to find you the right house, in the right location and then negotiate the very best price because, unlike an estate agent, I am working solely for YOU, the buyer.

Let me do the hard work for you

The fee for me acting on your behalf is 1% + VAT / 1.2% inc VAT of the purchase price, less the initial £500 registration fee.

“The advent of estate agents on the internet means that investing in Pippa’s services is an essential and prudent course of action, not a luxury when seeking to buy (or rent) a home in BH13 or BH14”